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Flowers Festival Yanbu | Kids Entertainment | Saudi Arabia | مهرجان الزهور والحدائق بينبع | Part-2
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Author: Muktha

Flowers Festival Video Part-1: https://youtu.be/oEnM1GLCIT4

Entertainment area Flowers Festival Video Part-2: https://youtu.be/aaQ5EqlQZsk

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Yanbu Flower Festival is organized by the Royal Commission of Yanbu. This festival takes place every year in the months of February and March.Its such rare to see flowers in the midst of desert. Its large, beautiful, well organized, well managed; it gets upgraded each year. The entrance, the parking is absolutely free..so you can save your money to buy some stuff from the stalls which are available inside. There are many things to explore in this flower festival like recycling garden, flowers hills, viewing deck, the lake, entertainment area, shopping avenue to mention few. The latest elements which they have included are butterfly garden, strawberry garden; these have entrance fee.

The flowers carpets are too long, which gives treat to the eyes of the visitors. It has also been recorded in the Guinness world record. Many people come from across Saudi Arabia to enjoy this fest. As the years are passing by, the place is getting little over crowded specially in the weekends. It’s a great place to spend time along with your family and friends; kids too can enjoy by looking around the flowers as well as by having fun in the entertainment area.

You can take away along with you the real roses, bouquets, and plants too from the nursery (its not free;))at a reasonable rate.

I have been visiting this place since 4 years and will go the coming year too…its worth the travel all the way from Jeddah :)

Opening of the 13th Flower Festival in Yanbu Industrial City

افتتاح مهرجان الزهور الثالث عشر بمدينة ينبع الصناعية 1440

The location of the Flowers and Gardens Festival in Google Map


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Panagbenga Festival

Record-breaking flower power carpets Saudi Arabia’s Yanbu festival

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